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9 Benefits of Having a Good Credit Score

Credit is the ability to borrow money or access goods and/or services with the agreed understanding that you’ll pay for them later or over time. Lenders, service providers and merchants (known as creditors) allow you to purchase their goods or borrow money based on their confidence that you’ll pay them back, along with a finance…

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Credit Repair: What Is Credit?

Credit can be an extremely confusing, complicated and discouraging topic for many people. And in many ways, it’s designed to be that way. Credit bureaus and debt collectors have a lot of power over consumers and they take advantage of everyday people like you not understanding credit well enough to employ the best practices or…

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Get to Better Know Our Credit Repair Company

Hello and welcome to the official blog page of Credit Restore, your favorite credit repair company! We’re beyond thrilled to have you here with us today and can’t wait to dive into the fascinating world of credit and credit restoration. There’s a lot to cover and we will touch on a number of topics on…

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